PCBA test is an extremely significant flow in a whole EMS (Servizio di produzione elettronica), because it can not only control quality for each flow by a testing chain, but also can discover and trace problems at final stage when an order is going to be out of our factory, also can optimize or adjust processes such as SMT or DIP and so on for subsequent order production.

We equipped a team of 3 skilled technical engineers who have many years experience in the field to put our strict testing flows and standards into practice. In the whole testing flow, by AOI, flying test and testing jig test we first test the flows of circuit board production including through-hole status, short circuit and appearance, eccetera. For some complicated craft flows e.g. in high precision or blind via boards, even only wafer analysis can discover testing problems.

Our PCBA test is a complete system which includes FCT, TIC, AOI e così via, so that we make sure each product out of our factory are consistent with the designed parameters and specifications. Before the PCB assembly, we always need to communicate with customers for the confirmation of a test plan. Usually our testing team will help our customers copy if they are pleased to hand over IC program, and then make FCT by testing jig which is usually customized according to PCB functions. (For full idea about FCT, ICT and AOI, you may know about them by Google.)

Order Type Testing Type
PCB samples Flying test and E-test
PCB batch orders Test complete production line by Testing jig and E-test
PCBA samples E-test, FCT or other test method provided by customers
PCBA batch orders Testing jig or testing program made for a whole production line, or other method from customers
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