1-18 Layers PCB Boards, HDI, FPC

pcb fabrication machine

AS a professional PCB manufacturer in China started in 2003, until now we have produced all kinds of PCBs including FR4, FR1, CEM1, FPC, Metalen kernprintplaat en Rogers-printplaat, enz. Met het voordeel van materiaal- en componentsourcingkanalen, we hebben het vermogen van een snel PCB-monster–48 uur na orderbevestiging.

PCB Specifications

PCB layer 1, 2, 4 or 6, up to 18 layers
Board shape Rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, irregular
Board type Rigid, flexible, rigid-flexible
Board material FR-4 glass epoxy, FR4 High Tg, RoHS compliant; Aluminium, Rogers, enz.
Board cutting Shear, V-score, tab-routed
Board thickness 0.2 ~ 4.0 mm (±10%), Flex board: 0.01 ~ 0.25″ (±10%)
Copper weight 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 Oz (tolerance ±0.25 oz)
Solder mask Double-sided green LPI, Also support red, white, yellow, blue, black
Silk screen Double-sided or single-sided in white,yellow, black, or negative
Silk screen min. line width 0.006″ or 0.15mm
Max board dimension 20 inch *20 inch or 500mm*500mm
Min. trace/gap 0.10mm, or 4 mils
Min. drill hole diameter 0.01, 0.25mm, or 10 mils
Surface finish HASL, Nickle, Imm Gold, Imm Tin, Imm Silver, OSP etc
Min.slot width 0.12, 3.0 mm, or 120 mils
V-score depth 20-25% of board thickness
Plated through holes Ja
Design file format Gerber RS274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s, DXF, DWG, Protel 99se

Fast Delivery

Order Types/PCB Layers 1/2-layer 4-layer 6-layer Above 8-layer HDI
Normal Sample Orders 5-6 dagen 6-7 dagen 7-8 dagen 10-12 dagen 15-20 dagen
Fast Sample Orders 48-72 hours 5 dagen 6 dagen 6-7 dagen 12 dagen
First Batch Orders 7-9 dagen 10-12 dagen 13-15 dagen 16 dagen 20 dagen
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