PCBA Enclosure Assembly

NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) Before Order Contract

Before confirming an order contract of one-stop PCB assembly and enclosure assembly, as the customers required, the NDA contract always shall be signed to protect our customers’ business secret (including customers’ company information, PCB design files, PCBA solutions and Printed Circuit Boards Assembled, Enclosure design files and mold development information, etc.) from disclosure unless some of our customers authorize us to sell some hot-sellers based on some cooperative development and limited markets. An example, we helped a developer assembly Bluetooth iBeacons and are allowed to sell his all styles of Bluetooth iBeacons.

Enclosure (Case) Design & Mold Development

You may give us your own design file or let us finish the design according to your requirement details. If you already have the 3D file, it will be quick to quote, the exact unit price and mold development price could be calculated within 1 day. If you don’t have the finished file, our designer will make a sketch for your checking according to your information. After confirming with you, a completed 3D file will be finished within 3-5 days. Before developing a mold, the first prototype will be made to check the appearance and function.

PCBA Enclosure Assembly

One Special Assembly Line & Project Management Team for Enclosure Assembly

Equipped with one special assembly line (22 assemblers for two shifts per day) and one project management team (1 project manager and 3 engineers), from appearance checking to assembly, the whole assembly process is always under a strict quality control.

Before starting production, the engineers team always will make and print WI to lead the assembling line to work, and meanwhile a KPI is formulated to assess the project manager until the whole project is delivered.

Our assembly line is qualified and in great reputation by strict and excellent QC management mechanism.

Completed Function Testing for Finished-items

Before packing for delivery, completed function testing will always be done. The testing method could be either provided by our customers or designed by our engineering team. 100% workable products will go to packing section and they will be entitled to 1-year warranty.

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