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Just make PCBA simply smart

After the decades of improvement in technology and science, many new electronic products were built within quite limited time than before. And, nowadays, many new creative projects have been shown on the funding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There are lots of designers aim to take their idea on such platform and obtain the support through the fans around the world. It’s very amazing and worthwhile. As you can see, from design to final products, it normally take very long time than expected. In addition, it costs much money to begin a new project.

But exactly how to help make any new project easier and smart when you are getting the good idea to handle on your project. Well, SATECH might be your great option to build the brand new project from zero. SATECH mainly provide the turnkey OEM electronic manufacturing service, including PCB fabrication, Components sourcing, PCB assembly, function testing, IC burning and case assembly service.

electronics manufacturing services pcb prototype

SATECH can also offer fast PCB/PCBA Prototype service, and we do ODM electronic manufacturing service in accordance with the client’s requirements as well.

For quality, Sample/serial production-quality SMDs are assembled utilizing Yamaha fully automated machine. Through-Hole Technology (THT) components are soldered manually or by the selective soldering machine. Every board is going to be passed via visual inspection and AOI.

With rich experience, SATECH has help many electronic engineers to finish their projects like Robo 3D, Blue Eagle etc. Warm welcome you to visit SATECH and share us your design idea and let’s work together to create your projects.


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