What is Inverter Main Board?

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In this blog, we will discuss the role, structure, and functions of the Inverter Main Board

What is an inverter?

Inverter is a device that converts DC to AC. It is used to convert battery voltage (12v or 24v) to AC voltage (110V or 220V). Inverters are used for solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy sources.

The inverter consists of two parts: an alternator and a DC-AC converter. The alternator generates an AC output waveform, which is then converted to DC by a DC-AC converter using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

main board of the inverter

What is Inverter Main Board?

The main board of the inverter is the most important part of the power system. It is where all components are connected and can be found in every inverter on the market today. The motherboard includes:

Controller : it to adjust power output and maintain battery life.
DC-AC converter or rectifier : that converts DC current to AC current for use in home appliances such as TV and computers.
microprocessor : that controls everything else.

The main board of the inverter uses high-tech technology, which can realize the conversion of various voltage levels. The power conversion efficiency is high and the reliability is strong.

At present, there are three main types: single-phase inverters, three-phase inverters and solar inverters.

Among them, the solar inverter motherboard generally uses the latest MOSFET technology, which makes the inverter have higher efficiency and more stable performance, and can usually achieve more than 98% high conversion efficiency.

Inverter Main Board

Functions of the Inverter Main Board:

Power control: the inverter main board is responsible for controlling the power switch of the inverter to ensure the normal start and stop of the inverter.

Output Control: the inverter main board can control the output voltage and frequency of the inverter to meet the needs of different loads.

Overload protection: Inverter motherboard can monitor the load current of the inverter and automatically cut off the power supply when the load current exceeds the rated value to protect the inverter and load from damage.

Temperature protection: Inverter motherboard can monitor the temperature of the inverter and automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature exceeds a certain range to prevent the inverter from overheating.

Inverter Main Board

Advantages of Inverter Main Board

The motherboard is an important part of any inverter and is also part of the coordination of all other components. Advantages of the inverter motherboard include:

Improve efficiency. The motherboard controls the current between circuits, which means it can adjust power output to prevent overload or short circuit. This helps ensure that you get as much energy as possible from the system while keeping it safe!

Reduced maintenance costs. Because this important part is important to keep things running smoothly, it makes sense to replace one — but if the motherboard (or any other component) has a problem, it can cost thousands of dollars more than repairing or replacing the electronic components alone — which means that over time, it will cost less!

The improved safety measures taken by manufacturers using these boards also mean fewer accidents due to equipment failures; Because these PCBs were thoroughly tested before they were commercially sold, we know that even inexperienced users like you are safe enough to use them improperly!

Inverter Main Board

Frequently Asked Questions of Inverter Main Board


This happens when too much heat is generated in the motherboard. This can be caused by many reasons, such as capacitor or resistor failure, or even short circuit.

Short circuit:

Short-circuit occurs when two wires touch each other and form a circuit between them that bypasses all other components between them. This will cause high current to flow through the wire, which will damage over time and may cause fire if not repaired immediately!

Check parts regularly, which will help ensure they are damaged or worn. If there are any cracks or other damage, whether it works or not, replace the new parts as soon as possible before other problems (and possibly more) occur in the whole system.

As an important part of the inverter power supply, the quality of the inverter motherboard is very important. Qualified inverter motherboard should have the features of high conversion efficiency, stability, reliability, easy operation, ruggedness and durability. Therefore, when choosing the main board of the inverter, select high-quality brand products to ensure its life and performance.


The main board is the brain of the inverter. It is responsible for controlling all its functions and ensuring that everything works properly. The motherboard also contains a lot of important information about the system, so it is important to keep the motherboard clean and free from damage.


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