Why Choose SATECH As A Manufacturer Of Electronics Manufacturing Service

electronics manufacturing services

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Why Choose SATECH As A Manufacturer Of Electronics Manufacturing Service

In electronics manufacturing service, Turn-key, on-demand PCB electronics manufacturing services are a relatively new type of business that has been built to serve the needs of Kickstarter creators and other entrepreneurs, small businesses, hobbyists, and technology experts who has an innovative idea and the skills to build the board design. Not all PCB electronics supplier can offer this new approach combines software technology with manufacturing capabilities. a reliable electronics manufacturing services can offer a wide range of services, pricing, and production times. the suppliers you choose can make or break your product success and profitability. And you need to deliver high-quality, reliable products all while managing operating costs and increasing productivity. Now Let us tell why you choose SATECH as your electronics manufacturing services?

Does SATECH offer inventory management and fulfillment?

It is sure, SATECH make sure your orders inventory management and fulfillment services when you need to Take device assembly to the next logical level. This approach saves you the hassle and expense of storing your product and shipping it out when an order is placed. Better yet if the vendor has an API so that your ERP solution can be integrated with their platform. That way as soon as the customer buys, the product simply ships with no work on your part at all.

Do SATECH offer both Printed PCB assembly and electronic device assembly?

Yes,we offer both Printed PCB assembly and electronic device assembly, maybe it is not important if you only need boards services, but most company eventually need to know how do the PCB boards incorporated into an end product, so it is necessary to look for a service that provides both Printed PCB assembly and electronic device assembly. therefore it will cut down on potential mus-communication, eliminate shipping delays and expense, and ensure effective parts management.

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Do SATECH accept orders for prototypes and small production runs?

No Minimum Order Quantity requirements, even one piece of PCB board is acceptable. Low & Medium Volume Welcome. Prototyping PCB are a huge part of design, so look for an electronics manufacturing service that welcomes your prototype and can turn it around for you quickly at a reasonable price. When it comes to production, No Minimum Order Quantity requirements is your best partners.

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Do SATECH offer an online portal for ordering and project management?

To keep costs low and production times quick, SATECH has completed a universal structure with its modern management systems, innovative approach and use of ERP. Make sure that it is user-friendly and offers all of the tracking and reporting features you want. It should be quick and easy to upload design documents and Bills of Materials, and you should expect to get a quote back within the system in few minutes.

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Do SATECH offer “Ware-House” of material?

Yes, SATECH maintains a large inventory of stock PCB material to quickly service a wide range of PCB applications in warehouse. The service orders large quantities of parts that we know will sell and then passes along the quantity discount to all of our customers. This way you get the advantage of buying in bulk even if your own order is small .

You can obtain fast quotes to contact us freely. As part of our constant efforts toward improvement, we welcome your feedback.

SATECH is all about delivering your printed circuit boards and assemblies on time, and providing excellent quality. We appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you.


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